Unveiling New Line Of Products, Solutions & Technologies

Hanwha Techwin has recently announced the launch of its latest range of CCTV products and solutions at the Hanwha Techwin X’Perience Day 2017, held at 4 major cities throughout Malaysia. These successful one-day events were each held respectively at Kota Kinabalu, Penang, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur which were jointly organized with their local distributors, namely DotCom and AAC.

This year’s theme is ‘Hanwha Techwin X’Perience Day 2017’. The intentionally capitalized X & P cleverly give hints to their newest released Wisenet X and P series ultra-high definition camera models which are both powered by Techwin’s recently patented Wisenet-5 chipset. This strong range of leading edge products consist of the Wisenet P Series, which uses advanced Techwin’s technologies based on 12 megapixel high resolution images, as well as the Wisenet X Series, which is optimized for vertical market solution installations. The summit also focused on Techwin’s Retail and Transportation vertical market solutions which can be implemented on a larger scale.

In addition to the above mentioned, all Wisenet product lineup benefit from technical enhancement from 'WiseStream' – fully developed by Techwin’s in-house R&D team. WiseStream is a technology that efficiently transfers videos onto a network by reducing the video bandwidth and file size. It can also reduce running costs through its efficiency.

Wisenet embodies a brighter and secure future. Hanwha Techwin will create a smarter, safer world with Wisenet product line-up and state-of-the-art technologies. Speaking about the solutions seminar and the focus areas, Bryan Wang, Country Manager of Hanwha Techwin in Malaysia said, “Hanwha Techwin will continue to invest in research and development efforts as well as promise to extend its reach and support in Malaysia with the widest portfolio of product and solutions.”

Hanwha Techwin’s combination of new products display, equipment demonstration and interactive presentations were successful in attracting the attention of the attendees. The event also proved to be an ideal networking platform for all during its interactive sessions that were conducted throughout the day.

Products and solutions unveiled by Hanwha Techwin include:-

Retail Surveillance Solution
Hanwha Techwin provides useful information not only for basic surveillance, safety and security but by doing so, it increases efficiency in the operation of stores as well.

Capable of fulfilling the needs of a single store to multi-store chains, it understands that retail business activities would require a number of sophisticated key features. For example, the need of having an intelligent video surveillance equipment that is capable of mitigating loss and resolving disreputable incidents between customers and employees; the increasing of sales through business intelligence functions such as visitor counting, customer movement and daily pattern analysis; not to mention the reducing of costs by streamlining store operations with a centralised management system.

Hanwha Techwin offers optimized proprietary solutions with its cutting-edge marketing information to address the growing and developing need of the retail market resulting from the fusion of traditional retail and e-retail outlets.

Transportation Solution
Rail transport being a core part of any public transport infrastructure requires a security system with a high level of reliability to ensure the safety of its passengers. Hanwha Techwin understands the importance of a full transportation solution and therefore has built a system capable of controlling a variety of factors in real-time, such as facilities and railroad cars at each station and platform. Hanwha Techwin's solution can be used to prevent accidents with its quick and accurate response in dangerous situations by monitoring the control areas in real-time using a high-definition video. Hanwha’s Techwin’s Transportation Solution Main Features: Specialized Railway CCTV Product Line

  • Station, platform & railroad car - specific standards acquired
  • Total solution of cameras, storage devices, and VMS

High Reliability and Scalability

  • Failover and recovery capabilities
  • Flexible system expansion via hierarchical configuration
  • Interface with other systems (access control, fire alarm, etc.)

Specialized Railroad Car Solution

  • Specialized railroad car cameras and storage devices
  • Automated video backup over wireless networks
  • Real-time monitoring of railroad car location and status