Atilze Digital Sdn Bhd (“Atilze”), a wholly owned subsidiary of G3 Global Berhad (formerly known as Yen Global Berhad), signed a collaboration agreement with U Mobile Sdn Bhd (“U Mobile”) at a ceremony today for the telco to provide mobile connectivity to facilitate their connected car solutions. The event officiating the partnership was attended by Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Transport Malaysia and the collaboration agreement was signed by Gerard Lim, Chief Executive Officer of Atilze and Wong Heang Tuck, Chief Executive Officer of U Mobile.

The partnership will see U Mobile providing 3G and 4G LTE connectivity for the Atilze Connected Car devices. The Atilze on-board OBDII connected car devices are equipped with various sensors that collect a range of data that is sent to the Atilze Cloud Platform through the 3G and 4G LTE connectivity provided by U Mobile. The Atilze Connected Car offers many data-driven applications including real-time diagnostics, predictive maintenance, next generation fleet monitoring and management, driving pattern analysis, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), in-car WiFi, in-car Infotainment, in-car e-Commerce and Usage Based Insurance (UBI). These applications optimise vehicle operation, maintenance, customer satisfaction, security, improve in-car experience to enhance the comfort and convenience of the driver and passengers as well as safety for all road users


(From Left to Right) - Ms Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile Sdn Bhd; Mr CC Puan, Founder of Green Packet Berhad; Dato’Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Transport; Mr Wong Heang Tuck, Chief Executive Officer of U Mobile Sdn Bhd; Mr Gerard Lim, CEO of Atilze Digital Sdn Bhd

Statistically, the installation of Connected ADAS for commercial vehicles are proven to reduce road accidents by up to 80%*. Many countries, even around Asia, have mandated the installation of Connected ADAS in commercial vehicles that have resulted in dramatic reduction in road accidents. Atilze sees huge need to reduce road accidents through the introduction and use of Connected ADAS in Malaysia.

For ride sharing services, Atilze Connected Car solutions can offer In-Car WiFi to improve the in-car experiences of the passenger with content and commerce possibilities as well as to provide the necessary connectivity for an in-vehicle panic button that can be implemented to improve safety of the passenger, given the various incidences involving these ride sharing services.

Additionally, the data collected from the Connected Car can be applied for new and differentiated Usage Based Insurance (UBI) products, in-line with the Insurance Detariffication that came into effect since 1 July 2017.

Apart from being a connectivity partner, U Mobile is also looking into bundling Atilze Connected Car solutions as part of its mobile plans to its enterprise customers. This means U Mobile’s enterprise customers will have the option of having Atilze Connected Car devices installed in their vehicles, and the various smart car solutions will be available through the telco’s 3G and 4G LTE connectivity.

During the ceremony, Gerard Lim shared the importance of the partnership. “We are making significant commitments to lead the future of the connected car. We like U Mobile’s forward-looking leadership supporting our connected car agenda in Malaysia. IoT is becoming increasingly mainstream, hence Atilze wants to be amongst the first to offer customers smart and useful connected car digital services and solutions that will unlock the unlimited potential of our daily lives.”

Gerard added: “We share in the Government’s plans to improve road safety and reduce road accidents. This is why we have designed and developed connected car solutions that we believe are relevant to meet and even surpass the needs of Malaysian drivers, vehicles and roads. Atilze is in full support of the Ministry of Transport’s action around road safety especially with the recent Pandu Cermat, Sampai Selamat campaign. Atlize looks forward to working closely with the Ministry and industry partners to bring the many benefits of Connected Car to Malaysia and to make Malaysian roads safer for everyone.”

Wong Heang Tuck, U Mobile’s CEO, echoed Gerard’s enthusiasm for connected car solutions. “U Mobile is constantly creating ideas to help our customers be unlimited in their daily lives and this partnership with Atilze is in sync with our overall approach. Through this agreement, we are honoured to be one of the connectivity partners powering Atilze’s connected devices which will enable local business to benefit from connected car solutions and features.”

Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Transport Malaysia, in his speech said, “The collaboration between Atilze and U Mobile is a timely response to address the challenges on road safety that our nation is currently facing. Atilze and U Mobile are pioneering and taking the lead in Malaysia to offer such technological innovations that can be applied to improve road safety and reduce road accidents as well as fatalities. The Ministry will consider the implementation of Connected ADAS for commercial vehicles on Malaysian roads that we expect will improve the commercial drivers’ driving behaviour to then create safer roads and reduce road fatalities for everyone.”

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