Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be on display in Hikvision’s showcase at the Malaysia exhibition and trade show

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, will exhibit the latest in innovative technologies at Defence Services Asia Exhibition (DSA) 2018, 16–19 April in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Continuing to solve real-world challenges and create value for end users in multiple vertical industries, Hikvision is demonstrating its advanced technology for military applications at the exhibition.


Deep Learning Products

Hikvision’s highlight of the show will be the “DeepinView” Dual-Lens Facial Recognition Camera with built-in deep learning technology. One of today’s most crucial security requirements is identifying specified persons, then automatically triggering an alarm when that person is detected. Hikvision technology fulfils this requirement, accurately capturing facial images for comparison and analysing shapes, sizes, positions, and expressions. Facial Recognition technology can be further used in locating suspects at large, finding missing persons, and much more. DeepinView Series Cameras protect applications of highest value, such as smart cities, casinos, financial institutions, and heavily trafficked public spaces.

Featured Product
Bi-Spectrum Network Stable PTZ Camera
With proprietary thermal imaging technology and extensive experience in video technology, Hikvision is uniquely equipped to provide a combined thermal & optical, “bi-spectrum” network PTZ security camera. A single camera that detects heat (thermal radiation) and combines it with advanced optical, visible-light sensors, the images rendered are a significant addition to the security industry. They are adaptable to a multitude of environments, featuring potent detection abilities, long distance detection, and auto focus. These bi-spectrum units have already been successfully deployed in crucial, fixed-point monitoring, such as national border areas and energy plants.

Smart Mobile Enforcement Solution
Hikvision has been successfully applying advanced technology in many vertical markets for over a decade, with recent examples including Smart Cities, Intelligent Traffic Systems, and Integrated Security Solutions.

At DSA, Hikvision will introduce a complete and innovative Smart Mobile Enforcement Solution and demonstrate how it helps local authorities add value to their surveillance systems by becoming completely mobile. This smart Mobile Enforcement Solution from Hikvision integrates portable PTZ dome cameras, wearable body cameras, portable video recorders, handheld thermal cameras, and more.

For fixed and short-term installations of surveillance equipment, tripod-mount and portable PTZ dome cameras reliably capture all critical data in their immediate surroundings. Rugged, wearable body cameras record security events and the response of civil authorities as they happen. Mobile and vehicle-based cameras and NVRs complete an adaptable, comprehensive law enforcement solution for security and safety. Handheld thermal cameras render imaging by detecting heat instead of light, recording clear video even at night or in darkness.

Industrial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
In addition to the solutions above, Hikvision continues to push boundaries in unmanned security technology. A prime example is its UAV Series, including the surveillance UAV (UAV-MX4080A) and its Jammer (UAV-D04JA), a device to thwart unlawful UAVs flying in protected areas. These products from Hikvision’s drone technology line will also be showcased at DSA. The company plans to demonstrate more efficient solutions for security in challenging environments, such as forest fires, high voltage grids, and natural disaster areas.

Lastly, Hikvision regards its business and technology partnerships to be at the core of its long-term development. The company continues to build close partnerships with distributors, system integrators, and installers, as well as technology developers for mutual success. For more information, please visit us at www.hikvision.com.