High-precision facial recognition provides convenient, reliable and safe verification process

Together with the company’s technology partners SenseTime, Boon Edam, Hanwha Techwin and HID, Entrypass Corporation recently exhibited at the 16th Defense Services Asia Exhibition & Conference, held at MITEC Kuala Lumpur from 16-19 April. On display were Entrypass’ video surveillance and access control solutions aptly named SenseFace and SenseGuard respectively, which incorporates the latest deep learning algorithms in the industry.

Visitors to Entrypass’ booth had the opportunity to experience several products and solutions which the company has tailored for multiple market segments such as residential, commercial, banking and factory buildings.

Entrypass’ smart city surveillance combines facial recognition with other algorithms such as object recognition, license plate recognition (LPR) and crowd control analytics.

Sensekeeper Face Recognition Terminal

The system can detect unattended objects, black listed criminals and also the movement pattern of visitors. Business owners can identify potential threats on their property and additionally, they can monitor the customer’s behavior using the system’s big data analytics. The deep learning surveillance system can also play an important role in empowering enforcement agencies such as police, border control and immigration department.

Ryan Tan, Executive Director at Entrypass Corporation

“We wanted to showcase our facial recognition solution using SenseTime’s deep learning algorithms, where we integrated the latest AI technology into a total video management and access control platform. What we have achieved is that users can now just walk towards a turnstile terminal and the system can recognize their faces rapidly to allow access. SenseTime’s facial recognition technology supports large-scale portrait comparison at a ratio of 1: N. For example, the system can recognize a face out of 1 million faces in a millisecond. This technology can be used in access control, time attendance, and also for people tracking,” said Ryan Tan, Executive Director at Entrypass Corporation.

Besides surveillance, the facial recognition system can also be used in the financial and banking industry to reduce fraud. One example is that banks can use the system to identify a person’s face for banking transactions instead of swiping ATM cards. Another banking transaction which can be digitalized is loan application. Currently, banks are required to authenticate a customer’s identity via a process called KYC (Know-Your-Customer), which is usually done face-to-face. In the near future, with a system such as SenseFace, banks can adopt e-KYC, which is a method that relies on digital technologies to perform the same task in a more seamless manner. According to Malaysia’s Federal Bank Guidelines, financial institutions are permitted to verify a customer’s identity via video calls, selfies and social media, on top of the databases maintained by the National Registration Department.

Ryan believes that the market for AI technologies will continue to grow in commercial and public security segment in the near future. He added, “This is our first time exhibiting at a defense services and national security exhibition. Generally, I think the country is always looking at new ways to make our communities safer. Hence, DSA 2018 is timely and a good venue for us to launch our new solution that can help to improve public security.”

For more information on Entrypass’ deep learning AI solutions, visit www.entrypass.net