Leading global security company, Hanwha Techwin, has installed its intelligent Wisenet cameras in Asia’s largest mega hub terminal by CJ Logistics, safeguarding every corner of terminal including vehicles, parcels, and personnel not to mention indoor and outdoor spaces.

With its nine decades of endless innovation, Korea’s No.1 logistics service provider CJ Logistics is leaping forward to become a global leader by expanding its global networks to over 94 locations and entering the market in four countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, China, and the Philippines. In June 2018, CJ Logistics opened Asia’s largest mega hub terminal in Gonjiam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

The terminal consists of two buildings with four floors above ground and two underground, occupying nearly 300,000㎡ - almost the size of 40 football stadiums -, with its total length of conveyer belts reaching almost 43km, as long as a full-course marathon. The terminal also has an automation system, the first of its kind in Korea, increasing the company’s daily handling capacity to 1.72 million parcels, four times higher than its competitors. CJ Logistics looked for a top-notch surveillance solution that can match the terminal’s grand scale and the state-of-the-art automated facilities.

After testing cameras from different manufacturers in the market, CJ Logistics finally named Hanwha Techwin its partner and installed around 1,660 Wisenet cameras throughout the terminal, in recognition of Hanwha’s own advanced technologies well received in the global stage. Hanwha Techwin’s IR PTZ cameras XNP-6330RH were installed along the building exteriors, providing periphery monitoring 24/7. The camera boasts 33x optical zoom, fast pan/tilt (400˚/300˚ per sec), and auto tracking that enables precise monitoring across long distances, while the IR feature provides visibility up to 350m even at night. Inside the buildings, around 1,400 Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet Q series cameras were set up on the ceilings and the walls. The cameras can detect any problems occurring to the automated conveyer systems with a total length of nearly 43km and a mass flow of parcels on them. They also oversee the movement of over 1,500 vehicles in the terminal and improve monitoring of the safe working environment.


Hanwha Techwin’s IR license plate recognition cameras XNO-6090RH were installed at the main gate of the terminal to enhance security at entrances and exits. Equipped with powerful LED lights, the cameras can provide highly accurate recognition of license plates even when vehicles are moving fast, while 2-megapixel high resolution images with IR feature enable effective vehicle monitoring both day and night in the terminal where cargo moves in and out around the clock. The cameras are particularly useful in monitoring the main entrance as they can identify objects from 100m away at night.

Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet X series cameras, XNO-6120R and XNP-6120H, were installed at indoor staircases and corridors of the office building. The X series offers intelligent video analytics (movement, loitering, intrusion) and sound classification (screams, glass breakage, explosion) features to help create a safe environment that enables swift responses to detected events. The 12x zoom lenses and 150dB WDR ensure sharp images are captured in locations where there may be strong contrasting lighting conditions.

An official at CJ Logistics’ mega hub terminal said, “Thanks to Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet security solution, we were able to build a safe video surveillance system that can match the size and the cutting-edge facilities of ‘Asia’s largest logistics terminal’”, and added, “Now we can safeguard every corner of our terminal including vehicles, parcels, and personnel not to mention indoor and outdoor spaces.”

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