Taiwanse Firm Also Showcases Dynamic Camera Housings and Peripherals

AETEK, professional manufacturer of cutting-edge camera housings for box cameras, PoE products and adaptive peripherals from Taiwan, recently exhibited its IP surveillance technology at SECON 2019, in South Korea. On display at AETEK’s booth were some of their key products such as the EPoC switch, outdoor PoE extender, ANPR camera housing with snap-on IR illuminator, and the Ultra PoE injector with ethernet surge protection.

AETEK’s EPoC (Ethernet & Power over Coax) series is specially designed for upgrading legacy systems to IP surveillance without changing the entire coaxial cabling. It provides a long-range solution for users, reaching up to 100Mbps data rate with 9.7W PoE budget up to 1,200m at the end of the PoE IP device. The EPoC system comes with indoor and outdoor units which must be installed in pairs. The indoor EPoC RX unit has three different models depending on power requirements. The outdoor EpoC TX adapter is protected by an IP67 weatherproof and vandal-resistant IK10 casing, allowing it to operate between -30°C to 60°C in harsh environments. And, with its long-range PoE capability, it can easily provide power with Data over a single cable for effective operations in tunnels and mining environments.

The E29 series Outdoor PoE extender is ideal for harsh outdoor environments where two units of the E29 can be daisy-chained to prolong the range of PoE devices, such as PoE cameras, and wireless access points, reaching up to 300m from end to end or up to 500m by star topology. No power is required, as the E29 PoE Extender can be powered by a AETEK’s PoE Injector, Middle-Span Hub, or PoE switch over one networking cable, extending Ethernet range depending on the power device’s power consumption and power source equipment’s capacity per port.

Conventional outdoor CCTV installations use separate power and data cables. Devices such as professional PTZ cameras would require higher power consumption due to its many other functions such as IR, screen wiper, or heater. AETEK’s UPoE Injector removes the need to have two separate cables for outdoor CCTV installations. The UPoE Injector can support power and data transfer over one single ethernet cable. The all-in-one solution is encased in an IP67 and IK10 rated water and vandal resistant housing. It provides surge protection and easy plug-and-play for worry free and time saving installations.

AETEK also provides a series of all-in-one capacious ANPR camera housing. It fits most of today's box/ fixed cameras, even when equipped with a 8-80mm varifocal lens. The camera housing is constructed from aluminium die casting to meet IP66/IK10 standards. The A50 P60 series supports window heater, blower, wiper, and has a snap-in 48W IR LED, specially using VAIR-IR technology to cover a 2-lane ANPR detection. Besides having an elegant mechanical design, the IR illuminator simply snaps into the camera housing directly, to conceal RS-485 & power cables. The ANPR camera housing has models supported by PoE individually. For example, the P6900-IW is a PoE model supported by 95W PSE over one Ethernet cable.

“This is the first time that we are exhibiting at SECON. The event provides a great platform for us to introduce our niche solutions to the Korean market and the APAC region. This exhibition has become an important regional event, receiving visitors from all over the world. Our solutions are already available in countries such as Italy, Belgium, USA, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. And, we are focused on finding more suitable partners to expand our market including Korea and South Asia,” said David Chen, Sales Director at AETEK Inc.

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