In recent years, with the continuous escalation of public safety threats, especially the increasing challenge from natural disasters and public safety incidents, China's demand for emergency rescue and emergency management has become increasingly urgent.
In March 2018, China officially established the Ministry of Emergency Management of the PRC to prevent and resolve major safety risks, improving the public safety system, integrating and optimizing emergency resources, promoting the formation of an emergency management system with Chinese characteristics, improving disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities, and ensuring the safety of people's lives and property and social stability.
The government’s leadership, enterprise participation, and public cooperation have a cross-industry intersection for serving public safety in the emergency industry. The development of the emergency industry is conducive for disaster prevention and mitigation. It encourages the optimization of industrial structure and social stability, market expansion, profit growth of enterprises, and also general public safety and health.
Chinese experience in disaster response
China is one of the countries with the most severe natural disasters in the world, with many types of disasters, wide distribution areas, high frequency of occurrence, and heavy losses. From ancient times to the present, China has experienced thousands of years of struggle against disasters. At the same time, it has accumulated a large number of effective systems, rules and policy measures covering disaster prevention and mitigation, disaster relief, production restoration, amongst others. Post-disaster reconstruction, recovery of production and disaster prevention have played an extremely important role in China’s history.
With the rapid development of the economy and society, and the substantial improvement of national governance capabilities, the Chinese government had inherited the political tradition of active national participation in disaster management, and introduced the experience of disaster response management to other developed countries. A simultaneous development based on a coordinated orientation of demand and development is the main feature of the "Chinese experience" for a comprehensive disaster management, adapted to the characteristics of modern society.
As a strategic and emerging technology-led industry, the development of the emergency industry in China has also brought significant improvements in equipment, products, technology, and the emergency support capabilities. At the same time, developing the emergency industry and mobilizing the power of the whole society to participate in emergency response will help to change the current deficiencies in emergency management and allow professional and social emergency services to form a good complementary relationship with government forces.
In the new era, the emergency industry has ushered in the best historical development opportunity, and there is still a great room for future development. From the perspective of market size, according to the forecast data of relevant national ministries and commissions, the annual capacity of China's emergency industry market reaches 500 billion yuan, if it includes related industrial chains such as fire safety, emergency communications, disaster prevention and mitigation and public safety. In the field, the annual capacity of the market is as high as 100 billion yuan.
For decades, while actively preventing domestic natural disasters and major public safety accidents, China has also assisted other countries in the world during disasters and provided various emergency assistance.
Global epidemic spreads, the Chinese role for international cooperation
At present, major global natural disasters are profoundly affecting the survival and development of mankind, and have become a major challenge faced by human society. Coping with major natural disasters has become a responsibility that all countries in the world need to shoulder.
The new outbreak of respiratory illness in early 2020 has put the world in a state of high alert. As one of the most severely affected countries in the new crown epidemic, China’s government and its people have worked hard to reverse the situation in just two months. The national epidemic prevention and control situation continued to improve, and the order for manufacturing and life was quickly restored.
Today, the spread of the local epidemic in China is basically contained, but the virus is still spreading globally. At this critical moment, China actively engages in international communication and cooperation with countries throughout world, sharing its experience in epidemic prevention without reservation, and carrying out international anti-epidemic assistance to do its utmost to help others fight the new crown epidemic.
Viruses know no borders. The Chinese scientific and technological community is actively carrying out in-depth scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges with scientists from various countries on epidemic prevention and control, patient treatment, and basic research. Success comes from solid technological support.
In the new era, the integration of technology and emergency safety
Technology is the primary productive force to fight the epidemic. The development of the safety emergency industry driven by technology has become the theme of the current times.
Now, with the deep integration of new technologies such as new-generation information and communication, new materials, artificial intelligence, and big data with traditional industries, the emergency industry will usher in unprecedented new technologies, products, formats, and models.
InterEMC’s role in Chinese Emergency Industry
The InterEMC 2020, Emergency & Safety Technology Exhibition of the 22nd China Hi-Tech Fair, will take place at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center from November 12 to 16 in 2020. Hosted together by Shenzhen Safety Management Committee Office and Emergency Management Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, and organized by Shenzhen Urban Public Safety and Technology Institute, the total exhibition area of InterEMC 2020 will be 40,000 m2, with an estimated 500 exhibitor and 40,000 visitors from the domestic and international region.
At the same time, there will be over 30 forums, dozens of procurement matchmaking, drills, demos & shows - including “China International Emergency & Safety Technology Development Forum 2020”, “Emergency Information Management Forum” & “Emergency & Safety Equipment Forum”. Experts, officers from the Emergency Management Bureau and entrepreneurs will be invited to discuss the main topic: “Big emergency, big safety”. InterEMC will dedicated to creating an emergency equipment showcase, exchange and cooperation platform for exhibitors, government agencies, technicians, engineers, NGOs, rescue teams, buyers & traders.
The organisers sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to visit Shenzhen this November! Follow InterEMC on Facebook (@InterEMC2020) and Twitter (@InterEMC) page, or visit InterEMC website at