Simon Weng, Country Manager at Dahua Security Malaysia (3rd from right)

Opening with the theme “AI, See the Boundless, See the Future”, Dahua Security Malaysia Sdn Bhd has recently launched a new showroom at their headquarters in Petaling Jaya’s Damansara Uptown integrated development. The new showroom expands their capabilities in serving more customers in Malaysia, by allowing their local customers to see and experience Dahua’s latest technologies and solutions in security.

Dahua Malaysia’s 2,700-square-foot office is located at UPTown 2, a building which is strategically located within the bustling commercial hub of Petaling Jaya. The office space allows Dahua to conduct regular certified trainings and provide technical support, in addition to the services of their local product warranty center in Subang Jaya. Their new showroom is dedicated to showcasing Dahua’s vertical solutions such as Safe Cities, Intelligent Building, Public Bus Surveillance, Smart Parking & Traffic Management, Digital Signage, AI, IoT and Smart Home.

Earlier this year, Dahua had already introduced the DeepSense series, a suite of products which adopt state-of-the-art, AI-deep learning technology such as network PTZ cameras, network video recorders and servers. The DeepSense series support various kinds of security solutions with an array of advanced capabilities including human characteristics analysis, face recognition, ANPR, metadata collection and analysis, people counting, image search, facial flow, traffic incident detection and traffic data statistics. Beyond seeing the world, the power of Dahua’s AI-deep learning technology allows devices to analyze and understand data in a better way, offering higher flexibility and accuracy for end-users.

“We wanted to tell the market that we are here to support businesses moving towards the 4th Industrial revolution, with the emergence of technologies such as AI, robotics, blockchain and IoT. Our AI solutions are developed based on Dahua’s ICES strategy which are the combination of Intelligent products, edge Computing, overall supply Ecosystem and multi-dimensional data Sensing. We like to do things differently at Dahua, where we protect and support our partners so we can be successful together.” said Simon Weng, Country Manager of Dahua Security Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Held in August, the showroom launching event was attended by some of Dahua Security Malaysia’s master dealers and partners from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. “It is a place where people can come and learn about our 4 core technologies which are AI, Big Data, Video Cloud and Chip Technology. We had set up 4 research institutes in China to develop these breakthrough technologies which we believe will transform the future of the security industry”, added Simon. The company is planning to invite more of its partners to visit their new showroom within the next few months.

For more information, their facebook page @DahuaMalaysia

Dahua Security Malaysia's Master Dealers and partners from Kuala Lumpur & Selangor