To address the changing surveillance data needs of organizations all over the world, Dell EMC is introducing a robust portfolio of surveillance infrastructure solutions built on a data lake architecture. Dell EMC Surveillance Solutions offer an open platform, best-of-breed Dell EMC storage, networking, compute, client, security and virtualization technologies, and an extensive partner ecosystem. Disparate data sources feed into the surveillance infrastructure layer comprising distributed, centralized, and cloud architectures and enhanced by over 21 tested and validated partner solutions built to simplify surveillance.

Surveillance Storage Infrastructure
Storage is the foundation layer of the data lake architecture. It must support an open platform capable of managing disparate data sets (from multiple devices) while addressing the challenge of scale head-on. It is important to understand the differences among the three major surveillance architectures in order to choose the option most suitable to your organization’s requirements:

  • Distributed architectures typically support several hundred surveillance devices. They store video and surveillance data locally and then periodically transfer the digital data set to the central platform. For example, a ‘satellite’ police station may store data locally in office, then periodically transfer it over to headquarters—the centralized location. Distributed architectures often integrate the data with applications and other systems, such as access control and intrusion detection, without engaging a central server. The resulting architecture reduces single points of failure and distributes processing requirements over many, smaller sites.
  • Scale is the primary consideration with centralized architectures. Commonly used by police headquarters, schools, Federal/government, airports, and energy companies, for example, centralized surveillance architectures host high camera- or device-count environments (typically thousands of surveillance devices) and are able to support large amounts of surveillance data. Storage must be made efficient and utilization rates must be high to prevent price creep, while migration time must be extremely low to non-existent to seamlessly apply changes in resolution or pixilation.
  • Many companies opt to go on-premise for their primary storage, but use cloud architectures for deeper ‘cold’ storage. Cloud provides an elastic storage platform that easily expands as data volumes grow. For surveillance-specific industries, this means expanding volumes in a centralized private cloud or even leveraging public cloud storage for more rapid capacity expansion. Ultimately, cloud storage can improve storage efficiencies and help reduce the costs associated with storing inactive data on more expensive storage solutions. However, using the cloud for surveillance data involves many different availability, security, and cost decision. Dell EMC will work with you to determine if private, hybrid, or public cloud is the best approach for your organization’s business objectives.

Beyond Storage
Sitting on top of the surveillance storage infrastructure layer are Dell EMC storage, networking, compute, client, security and virtualization offerings. RSA technologies enable surveillance organizations to leverage the latest in security software to protect the data not just where it is stored but across the network as well (web, mobile, and beyond). Although one of the biggest threats to critical data is accidental or malicious deletions of important data, Dell EMC ensures that data is safe from deletion outside of policy, even by an administrator

Virtualization is the ‘enablement player’ of the data lake. It creates the open platform and future-proofs investment by giving organizations access to the applications they need at the time they need them. When applied to the surveillance architecture, VMware virtualization technologies reduce physical complexity and points of failure while improving the overall system resiliency.

Additional Dell EMC Partner solutions include video surveillance management software, applications, and analytics. These validated, repeatable solutions, which are tested to fail in Dell EMC’s Surveillance Validation Labs and then seamlessly integrated into the architecture of your choice, help organizations reduce risk and increase confidence.

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