The European EN137 standard compliant range has been launched by firefighter safety specialists MSA after three-years of innovation and development.

The needs of firefighters are as unique as the families and the communities they protect, requiring safety equipment that is both customisable and armed with the latest communication technology.

Global leaders in firefighter safety, MSA Safety Incorporated (MSA), has extensive knowledge of the challenges faced by Malaysia’s firefighters and have developed a new and innovative self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) platform – called the M1 SCBA.

In development for three-years, the M1 SCBA is fully customisable and can be modified to meet a broad range of firefighter needs and brigade budgets.

“Protection that is perfect for one fire brigade, may not work for another – that’s really what drove us to develop the M1 SCBA. We wanted to give fire servicemen and women an entirely new range of options in breathing apparatus technology at a cost and configuration that’s right for them,”

-Thomas Kuba, Engineering Manager SAR-First Responder R&D Safety Products Engineering, MSA.


The updated line is the most advanced, ergonomic and integrated SCBA produced by MSA and boasts the industry’s lightest-weight backplate, with a unique one-handed height adjustment; and an innovative hip belt that evenly distributes the weight of the apparatus.

MSA formed an intrinsic understanding of the harsh conditions firefighters face, having previously worked closely with firefighters to develop a helmet tailored to their unique requirements.

“We’re proud of our long history of protecting fire brigades in Malaysia, and all around the world. Their continued trust in the MSA brand is what pushes us to create cutting-edge protective devices. The M1 SCBA is very much a game changer when it comes to both respiratory protection performance and customisation,” continues Thomas.

The ground-breaking SCBA has been designed to meet and exceed the European norm of EN137 certification safety, health and environmental protection standards, and meets ATEX safety standards for usage in hazardous or explosive atmospheres.

All components of the device are built to last and are easily field replaceable without tools, reducing the overall cost-of-ownership. Additionally, MSA provides a 10-year warranty to offer fire brigades peace of mind.

Thomas says, “Conversations with firefighters informed the development of the M1 SCBA, and we’ve incorporated their needs into the design.”

The breathing apparatus includes crucial features such as a high-pressure cylinder connection for fast cylinder exchange, compatibility with MSA’s industry-leading G1 facepiece, and enhanced voice transmission capabilities with the C1 headset, and a new state-of-the-art communications system that easily attaches to the outside of the facepiece.

“Our commitment to the fire service is long standing and the launch of the M1 SCBA is testament to our ongoing dedication to the future of firefighter safety,” concludes Thomas.

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Firefighter with M1-SCBA