G3 Global Berhad (“G3”) and SenseTime Group Ltd are looking to set up the first artificial intelligence (“AI”) park in Malaysia, in collaboration with China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (“CHEC”).

This move exhibits G3’s determination in going big with AI, accelerating Malaysia’s AI sector’s growth. This will be the first AI park in Malaysia with a total investment of more than US$1 billion over the next 5 years. The park will serve as the platform for the development of AI solutions in areas of computer vision, speech recognition, natural language and humanoid/robot. Ultimately, the park will enable the development of technology & talent, data management, research & development and commercial ecosystem which could assist the Government to address in data ecosystem and AI governance.

“We see huge potential of AI in Malaysia and we can’t wait to raise the bar of our nation with other countries. As we are in the digital age, it is undeniable that AI and big data are the key to the future. The idea to set up the AI park is vital in order to build AI research related public service infrastructure as the base to promote AI technology in Malaysia. In addition, this becomes a place for talents to be trained on AI and machine learning,” said Wan Khalik Wan Muhammad, Executive Chairman of G3 Global.

He added, “Today, AI has become the tool to most of the organizations in Malaysia where it provides better business insights and enhances process automation while increasing work productivity. With this emerging technology, it gives huge impact to many industries from Government agencies to banking, safety and surveillance, manufacturing, healthcare and many others. Hence, it is important for us to form collaborations and partnerships with many parties, which include public sector, private sector and the academics.”

Riding on the same sentiment, the Managing Director of SenseTime International Pte Ltd, Martin Huang couldn’t agree further on the importance of AI today. He says, “We always believe that we must start making use of AI to accelerate existing and new technological solutions for millions of customers in order to develop the whole AI ecosystem. Now that we are planning to have the first AI park in Malaysia, we look forward to supporting G3 with our strengths and expertise in AI for the set up and continued operations of the park.”

Joining in this collaboration is CHEC who will provide infrastructure engineering and construction services. Founded in 1980, CHEC has an immense wealth of experience in the engineering and construction of industrial parks, road and bridge, railway, ports, airport and equipment assembly as well as projects in various industries such as environmental, hydraulic engineering, power plant, energy and etc.

For more information, please visit www.g3global.com.my.