Makes Boosting Security Fast, Accurate and Simple

In recent years, the world has seen a dramatic shift towards technological transformation. The revolutionary change has been beneficial to many; with the introduction of cutting-edge innovations and top-of-line devices which have completely changed the way many industries function. So, how well has the security industry adapted to this change?

Compared with many countries, Malaysia and its ASEAN neighbours are far behind. At least 800 security companies in Malaysia are still using rusty, traditional practices to get by.

To lead security firms into the direction of the techno-savvy era as well as to enhance security progression, HAUZ has developed a Security Management System (SMS), named the HAUZ HQ platform, which caters for all organisational needs. Amongst the many benefits companies can experience with HAUZ HQ are:


1. Remote Workforce Management
The issue that concerns most security companies is the management of several guards, on rotational shifts, spanning across multiple sites. Monitoring every location at the same time is an impossible task. The HAUZ HQ platform enables the management to easily overcome this. All that is needed is an everyday smart device; a laptop or a tablet. With HAUZ HQ, security companies experience real-time monitoring of workforce clock-ins/ out, duty schedule updates, shift changes and patrol updates. These processes are also directly recorded on the platform - easily accessible anywhere and at any time. Instead of waiting for calls or site visit updates from site managers, the platform allows the management to receive live updates and have control over all company movement.

2. Zero-cost Implementation
Unlike other systems which require weeks of employee training and purchase of additional equipment or devices, HAUZ HQ is as simple as it gets. All the platform requires are a stable internet connection and a smart device, which are things everyone is already equipped with. For the management, the HAUZ HQ portal can be accessed through the web on a laptop, computer or a tablet. Meanwhile, guards can easily install the Attendance App on their mobile phones, through Google’s Play Store or App Store.

3. Safe & Secure
Security companies are habitually stacking files and piles of paperwork. Environmental hazard aside, a single mishap could result in years’ worth of data destroyed. In order to prevent such incidents, it is about time the traditional processes are digitised, which is what HAUZ HQ can assist with. Anything from generation of reports, schedules, managing workforce KPI and even HR tasks, can be controlled through the platform. This would reduce, if not, eliminate the stacks of paperwork around the office. In addition, the database created will be encrypted and kept on cloud - assuring that all files are safe, easily accessible and have a back-up. Furthermore, only authorised personnel will be given access to these files.

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