Hanwha Techwin launches 20-megapixels multidirectional camera


Global security company Hanwha Techwin launched the 20-megapixel, multi-directional camera PNM-9081VQ, capable of providing 360-degree surveillance (the equivalent to four cameras) with a single camera.

The new Wisenet P series PNM-9081VQ boasts four 5-megapixel cameras for providing video surveillance in all directions without any blind spots. Each of the four lenses can be adjusted to up to 102.5 degrees and can easily be repositioned along the rails, allowing for fine adjustments of the lenses depending on the area's characteristics such as for short/long distance and viewing angle. Another unique feature of PNM-9081VQ is allowing user to remove the lenses and attach them at the exact center of the camera to enable vertical monitoring.

In particular, it offers strong multi-streaming performance for delivering fast video transfers with minimal framerate drops and delays even if the feed is being streamed to multiple users simultaneously.

The image stabilization powered by gyro sensors activates an image stabilization feature only when the camera is shaking to deliver stable images. The excellent low-light performance allows for monitoring in color without IR LEDs, even in low-light conditions, delivering clear images anywhere.

Moreover, Hanwha Techwin's proprietary compression technology WiseStream II maintains a high-quality resolution while significantly reducing data, offering higher efficiency in deployment and maintenance costs.

The camera is IP66/IK10 certified for providing stable video monitoring in outdoor deployments.

Hanwha Techwin forecasts that the demand for PNM-9081VQ multi-multidirectional cameras will be high to provide all-directional video surveillance in various applications such as wide area surveillance of shopping malls, building exteriors, logistics warehouses and more.

For more information, go to hanwha-security.com

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