Hanwha Techwin, a global supplier of advanced network and analog video surveillance solutions, is now bringing its STEP Partner Program to South East Asia. Building on the company’s history of innovation, Hanwha Techwin is dedicated to providing their partners with the highest level of quality products, support and services.
About STEP Partner Program
STEP provides resources and tools to help partners grow alongside Hanwha Techwin, strengthening partnership in the industry and increasing collective market share. Along with Hanwha Techwin’s high quality products, advanced and innovative technologies, the STEP Partner Program will enable partners to provide a truly differentiated solution and offering to customers.
How To Join STEP
Partners can join STEP and enjoy a variety of benefits from Hanwha Techwin. Registering through the STEP Portal is the easiest way to sign up. Partners can simply register their companies and contacts, and get the Registration Approval confirmation directly via email.
Partner Levels
STEP has four different partner levels - Authorized, Silver, Gold, and Diamond; each offering various benefits. Key benefits include special pricing, technical support, marketing support, and the provision of demo equipment.
Partner Benefits
Hanwha Techwin provides STEP partners with various sales support, including project-based pricing, technical help, marketing materials, and Wisenet Academy training for deeper understanding of Hanwha Techwin’s products. All authorised STEP partners are entitled to the benefits below:
1. Regular sales discount
Partners who purchase Wisenet products through designated distributors can enjoy a sales discount, depending on their partner level.
  • Engage with the preferred distributor
  • Provide access to monthly sell-out reports/ data through the distributor
  • Hanwha Techwin will inform the distributor what is the specific up-front discount entitlement
    2. Project registration/ pricing
    On a case-by-case basis, Hanwha Techwin may provide additional product discounts and technical support to help partners win project tenders.
    • Partners will need to submit Project Registration form to Hanwha Regional Sales Managers.
    • Inform Hanwha Techwin in detail of the project particulars; insufficient information may lead to the application being rejected.
    • Once a Project Application has been registered, Hanwha Techwin may issue a supporting letter if the partner requires it.
    • Hanwha Techwin will provide additional discount based on the project size.
      3. Demo Sample Equipment
      When a STEP Partner participates in local exhibitions/ road shows/ events, upon request, Hanwha Techwin can provide Wisenet’s main product line-up for demonstrating product performance.
      • Partners can apply by completing the Demo Sample Request Form, detailing the products required and reasons for applying. On submission, the application will be considered by Hanwha Regional Sales Manager.
        4. Wisenet Academy Training
        Partners will be invited to attend regular Wisenet Academy Training courses. It can help partners to get a deeper understanding of the Wisenet line-up, especially on new products. Training consists of theoretical and practical learning, so that partners can comprehend the products’ features first, before they can experience the products straight away. This course is an essential and valuable part of the STEP Partner program.
        5. Design Tools Support
        STEP Partners have access to a wide range of system and network design support tools and resources, both online and through Hanwha Techwin’s in-house Pre-Sales Team. STEP partners will also get special access to various online design tools such as calculators, product selection tools, SDKs, Wisenet Toolbox and other design tools.
        • Apply through the Project Technical Request Form, detailing the required products and reasons
        • On submission, the application will be considered by the Regional Sales Manager
          For more details on STEP Portal, visit https://www.step.Hanwha-security.com