IFSECSEA 2019 Booth 7301


ikvision, the world's leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, will be exhibiting the latest innovations in surveillance at IFSEC Southeast Asia 2019 from 19 – 21 March in Kuala Lumpur. Hikvision will showcase the latest products and solutions based on its AI & Deep Learning technologies, integrating a range of applications to support smarter decision making such as data structuralisation and search, pattern recognition and building big-scale comprehensive ELV system. IFSEC Southeast Asia is organised by UBM, as part the ASEAN Super 8 – the biggest ever mega trade fair dedicated to all aspects of construction and built environment..

This year Hikvision team has planned to set up an impressive display of their latest product offerings in the surveillance and security categories. Hikvision will present a whole range of vertical specific solutions, including Business Intelligence Solution, Intelligence Traffic Solution, Industrial Solution, Education and Medical Solution, Smart Building Solution, Mobile and Portable Solution and Data Center Solution.

The Hikvision booth will vividly display live demos of some of their latest AI related products on scenario specific solutions, such as the Full Intelligence PTZ camera. The camera adopts two lenses - one lens will be responsible for a panoramic view with a 170° field of view, and the other lens will be responsible for data structuralisation. Both lenses are supported with PTZ function, which means full Intelligence PTZ will not only cover all scenarios, but will also structuralize all images into data to fit various applications. Hikvision will also showcase its Ultra Vision series, including the one-lens 8K Camera, the SAPPHIRE 64MP PanoVu, 4MP DarkFighter X and 73X optical zoom PTZ. These products indicate the trend in the industry and the great ability of Hikvision.

According to Hikvision Malaysia Country Director, Huckel Zheng, “We wanted to introduce our ITS, retail and banking solutions to Malaysia because we felt that AI technologies can help to successfully improve the nation’s productivity and how we live our lives in general. For example, one of the many complaints of most Malaysians are traffic jams. In many cases, traffic congestion is caused by Inappropriate usage, such as illegal parking and use of bus lanes. Our traffic enforcement solution can help to identify these kinds of traffic violations in real-time, allowing operators in traffic control centers to alert the authorities immediately.”

Besides using smart surveillance as a way of keeping cities safe, Huckel also wants to show visitors that AI technologies in surveillance can help to improve business decisions and boost productivity. “By using accurate people-counting AI cameras for retail, stores can understand daily/weekly/monthly peak times, so that store managers can arrange staffing accordingly. What’s more, by layering this data over days, weeks and months, retailers can start to see customer flow trends. The data can be benchmarked against the store’s sales figures and its overheads, to inform future operational strategy, and help managers to optimize store profitability. In banks, AI cameras can identify people on a list of interest to ensure a safer environment, or help improve service and build stronger customer relationships,” added Huckel.

Visit Hikvision at booth no. 7301 during IFSEC SEA 2019 to see their wide range of innovations and products from 19 – 21 March.

For more information, head to www.hikvision.com

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