IFSECSEA 2019 Booth No. 7201


MalaysiaSAFE: Could you kindly give a brief background to your company?
Mr. Shaji PRISMABYTES started in the year 2000 in Kuala Lumpur. In the earlier years of our growth phase, we mainly concentrated on airport related security projects and consulting assignments in Malaysia and overseas. We slowly expanded our operations in India and the Middle East and started offering total security solutions since 2002.
10 years ago, we created our OEM product segment under the CCTVTECH brand, concentrating on the vast video surveillance industry – primarily targeting India and the Middle Eastern market. We were successful there at a time when those countries were leveraging on electronic security solutions. Nevertheless, we were having a steady growth in the Malaysian market with solutions for gated community, infrastructure, prisons, detention center security and so on.
Currently, PRISMABYTES has various state-of-the-art solutions for integrated security segment. With our dedication to continuously learn and invest, and our experience in the areas of design, engineering, manufacturing and R&D, we have grown to establish ourselves as one of the leading solution providers of integrated security and IoT based solutions in Asia.
We also developed various smart city solutions and components and started manufacturing specialized security equipment in Malaysia, offering solutions in Southeast Asia, India and Middle eastern countries.
MalaysiaSAFE: How are the company’s operations structured within this region?
Mr. Shaji: PRISMABYTES is a Malaysian based company with a global presence. We have established branches in India, Singapore and in 2019 we will be starting our own operations in the middle east. We are also having presence through our partners in other Southeast Asian markets such as Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.
MalaysiaSAFE: How do you qualify the brands that you carry in your portfolio?
Mr. Shaji: If you look at our products portfolio, we have major global brands as our partners such as Pelco, Verint, KBC, Soletech, Remsdaq, Honeywell, Videotec, Arecontvision, AllgoVision, Uncannyvision, SigFox-Xparanti, and CEM to name a few. But we are not a products specific marketing company. We do not blindly choose any particular brand to market it. It is the manufacturing companies that find and choose to work with us. We normally look at what the customers need in terms of product and the technological specifications meeting their functional requirements, and then choose the right products. We create solutions based on the client’s requirements.
As far as we are concerned, we normally work with many brands for each project and we create solutions suitable for the client, such as customising the dashboards, creating an integrated platform suiting to client’s SOP. We also create devices to match the end users’ demand such as environmental considerations and other factors, and of course the budget available. We believe every product has its own advantages and disadvantages, unlike some companies, who would only supply products which are exclusive to them.
MalaysiaSAFE: What are the key verticals which you operate in?
Mr. Shaji: We have put a lot of our effort and time in developing Smart City Technologies and solutions. Our main verticals are Infrastructure projects like ports, airports, railways, smart hotels, gated communities and also advanced defence sector projects like border security, coastal surveillance and so on. Recently we started concentrating in oil & gas and industrial security segment where highly skilled services and solutions are required.
Other 2 verticals we operate in our expertise are product segment where we have our own brand of products in the market since 2008 and also the solution segment where we provide the integrated solutions using reputed manufacturers – integrated in to a single command and control.
Recently we have introduced DIY kind of IoT based video alarm verification for home and retail segment – creating jobs for small enterprises where they can provide recurring maintenance services for the end-users. Generally, we are primarily involved with designing & building of security solutions. That is our forte.

PRISMA - Long Range Positioning System

MalaysiaSAFE: How do you make your presence known to the market?
Mr. Shaji: We normally participate in trade shows, networking and exhibitions such as IFSEC, INTERSEC, SECUTECH etc. Also, we organise seminars and roadshows and specific target-based technology briefing sessions for our clients. Our pre-sales team in the field also keep meeting various project consultants and end users to show our various solutions and share our experiences which we have gathered from many years in the industry. We also provide specific project design assistance such as threat analysis, SOP creation, system design, coming up with A&E specification and so many other stuffs to address security needs of our client.
MalaysiaSAFE: How was the company’s performance last year?
Mr. Shaji: We are in a growth pattern and we have double digit growth last year - If you look at us, the majority of our staff possess a technical background who would really get satisfaction out of inventing or creating something. And that makes us happy. Of course, if you look at the business side of it, we have done suitably for ourselves over the past years.
Lately, we have come up with a lot of specialised surveillance equipment meant for defence and harsh environments. And we are very proud at creating such a state-of-the-art product, from Malaysia which is already installed and is functional in extreme -40 degrees. This year is going to be a further turning point for us because we started our operations outside like India and have begun partnering with reputable players in the market to provide end-to-end solutions for smart city segment and other critical infrastructure security projects.
MalaysiaSAFE: You have missed exhibiting at IFSEC for the past few years. Why have you decided to take part in this year’s exhibition?
Mr. Shaji: We used to participate in the Malaysian show way back in 2008 and the last one we did is year 2014. Since 2014, we have been exhibiting at other countries promoting our solutions especially Malaysian made products in security segment.
2015 onwards, we did not participate in Malaysia because we were engaged with shows in other countries. At that time, we were looking to penetrate countries such as India and the middle east. We wanted that part of the world to know about Malaysian technology and the solutions that we have created.
Another reason for participating at IFSEC this year is that, I see a lot of companies have opted to not participate in the event. Many seem to be under the impression that it is not worth to exhibit this time, but personally, I think that we should support these kinds of shows and this is the main platform available for us to showcase our products and services.
We need to show to the entire region, Malaysian products and technology. In fact, we are inviting a lot of visitors from other countries to come and see Malaysian products and solutions and experience the famed Malaysian hospitality. We have hardware such as locks, hard drives and access control, analytics, which are Malaysian made, and possibly some of the best manufactured in the world in their segments.
MalaysiaSAFE: What solutions will you be highlighting at IFSEC 2019?
Mr. Shaji: We are mainly going to concentrate on AI technologies, deep learning, specialised security products, IoT based solutions, smart city concepts etc. We will showcase the latest video analytic solutions with various OTS analytics rules, facial recognitions, artificial intelligence, ANPR with AI, various IoT based solutions for home and retail segments, video management systems, latest access control technologies, fibre fence intrusion detection, integrated command and control and various components of SMART CITY CONCEPT – showing how different types of sensors can be linked to back-end command center, through an IoT network.
In addition, we will showcase the latest integration in video management system, electronic key management solutions and guard patrol solution.
We are also showcasing our long-range laser and Hybrid camera solution which was designed and assembled in Malaysia. These are special cameras which can detect targets as far as 6km away in total darkness. This is especially useful for military and border security. It was recently purchased by a regional government segment for border security after going through so much quality testing. These cameras function in extreme -40 to +60 degrees and are even able to be installed in the extreme cold weather and support cold start.
MalaysiaSAFE: What are the guidelines for installing a proper integrated security system?
Mr. Shaji: We have our own set of guidelines, but it will depend on each project requirement. First things first, we will try to find out what are the security SOPs that they have in place and what is the actual outcome they would want to achieve. Then, we will advise if the SOPs need to be audited based on the threat perception. If you look at most companies, their SOPs are written considerably long ago and they do not update it regularly, depending on the scenario.
For every individual sub-system, we will try to find out what is the actual operational scenario. We would not look at the technical specifications initially, but more towards the functional scenario. Once we have identified what the clients want to achieve, we will then come up with a technical specification plan, to achieve a functional requirement meeting their SOP. After that, we will look at the operator’s standpoint, in that who is actually going to operate the system? Is it an IT engineer? A security manager? Or a different kind of personnel? We need to know all this information to create a dashboard for the clients.
MalaysiaSAFE: Everyone seems to be leveraging on AI and Big Cloud Data technologies for security, safety and well-being. In your view, what are the potential future applications for these technologies, and will it ever reach its full potential in Malaysia?
Mr. Shaji: I think in the technology aspect, it will definitely reach its full potential in Malaysia. There are a lot of start-ups and technology companies here in Malaysia investing in IoT and AI. We, at PRISMABYTES, are also investing in IoT and AI based technologies – primarily providing various smart city sensor applications, back-end solutions, tracking and monitoring solutions, retail and home segment IoT solutions, medical and well-being solutions using IoT.
We have an undeniably good pool of software developers in Malaysia. I am sure many of them are already on the job and some of them have already come up with the solutions. You will see many start-ups and entrepreneurs in this segment coming up. Just look at our closest neighbours. They are actively participating in shows overseas within their own pavilion; showcasing their products now mainly concentrating on IoT & AI based solutions. In my opinion, it is time for Malaysia to have her own pavilion in all the international security shows where we can showcase Malaysian manufactured products under one umbrella.
MalaysiaSAFE: Could you mention some notable projects which are already in the pipeline?
Mr. Shaji: We are currently working on some infrastructure projects in the power sector and town planning. We also have projects finalising within the gated communities. And a few other projects in the Oil & Gas sector.
MalaysiaSAFE: Could you give examples how your company can help to complement/ augment a security system that is already in place?
Mr. Shaji: The majority of the companies in Malaysia would have already invested on some sort of security system over the past years. When we approach a customer, we do not want to tell them that whatever they have invested is wasted and need to replace it all.
We would find out what they have existing, and then we will find out how we can complement or improve it. Maybe, they would already have an IP system in place that is functioning at only 50% capacity. In those cases, we may advise clients to change the back-end system which can support older CCTVs, and also take on newer ones for future upgrades.
MalaysiaSAFE: In your view, what are the up-coming trends in the security business sector?
Mr. Shaji: Earlier, security was almost entirely controlled by security personnel – a department which had been usually managed by ex-servicemen or by personnel with physical security background. IT and Security Managers have different views on threats and risk, which is understandable given that the threats in the physical realm are very different to the threats in a virtual one. However, that trend is now changing. The IT guys are getting more chunk of security responsibility. Basically, the entire physical security segment is converging with IT because more systems are involved.
MalaysiaSAFE: What new initiatives have you chartered for 2019?
Mr. Shaji: One of the difficulties we have in the industry is getting good manpower. Therefore, we try to get fresh and talented graduates to train so that they can grow with the company. We recently hired a few graduates and we are looking to hire a few more so that we can train them. We are also planning to start a world class Electronic Security Training Center in Malaysia.
MalaysiaSAFE: Before we end, how best would you describe your company in a sentence?
Mr. Shaji: We place our emphasis on the “Smart Solutions” as a total security solutions provider!