Hanwha Techwin is one of the world’s best-known brands in the security market. MalaysiaSAFE had the opportunity to meet Bryan Wang, Regional Sales Manager (Malaysia), Security Business Group, Hanwha Techwin. We bring you important excerpts from the interview.

MalaysiaSAFE: Kindly give us a brief about the acquisition of Samsung Techwin by Hanwha group, and how it impacted the company in terms of its growth in the security industry.

Bryan Wang (BW): Hanwha Corporation, the parent company of Hanwha Group, is a Fortune Global 500 operating in various major business groups including defence, construction, chemical, solar and aerospace. At the time when Hanwha acquired Hanwha Techwin (previously Samsung Techwin), Hanwha had plans to enhance its defence and security business in becoming the leading global player in the industry. Its management, operations, manufacturing, resources and all others remained the same, just as its core technologies. Hanwha kept investing on the business for enhancement and we do not see much changes other than the name change to Hanwha Techwin.

MalaysiaSAFE: How is Hanwha Techwin structured in this region?

BW: We have a regional office in Singapore which looks after the entire South East Asian market. Currently, the main markets that we are operating in are Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia. All these markets are managed by their respective country manager. Because we see these markets as having a lot of growth potential, we will continue to invest in the business for the future because getting ahead in the market earlier on has its advantages.

MalaysiaSAFE: What are the company’s current range of products?

BW: Hanwha Techwin provides a range of end-to-end products. We offer cameras, recorders, VMS and vertical solutions. Early 2017, we succeeded with the global launch of our Wisenet X series featuring the Wisenet 5 SoC (System on Chip), packed with Hanwha Techwin’s core technologies. By adding the Wisenet X series to the recently released Wisenet Q and P series, Hanwha Techwin has fully established a full line-up of products, from highly affordable entry level, to competitively priced high-performance products which will satisfy the needs of projects and customers in all vertical sectors. We also have a strong analogue camera line-up with full HD support. This allows for customers to utilize or extend their existing systems by using the current infrastructure which saves cost when an upgrade or replacement is needed.

MalaysiaSAFE: What are the exclusive technologies that Hanwha Techwin bring to the market?

BW: We offer world-class optical and image processing technologies. Our core technologies, the SoC and optical lens, determine the quality of our video surveillance products. With more than 20 years of experience in developing these precision technologies, we offer a competitive edge in the global market.

Wisenet 5 is our latest chipset with extremely high performance. It is at the core of Hanwha Techwin’s competitiveness offering 150 dB WDR, stabilization support with gyro sensors, extreme low-light performance, and strong compression performance with H.265 codec and WiseStream II - Hanwha Techwin’s own compression technology. Adding to these benefits, video analytics such as heat mapping, people counting, face recognition, sound recognition are also available.

MalaysiaSAFE: What is your ‘go-to-market’ strategy and do you engage in projects directly?

BW: In Malaysia, we are based on a two tiered marketing through our channel management and we are working very closely with our partners, Bricomp and Dotcom. These two distributors support their own channel partners which are a network of System Integrators (SIs) and resellers. We do not engage in projects directly. But we do business development by meeting end-users to create the awareness and the order fulfilment will be done by our distributors and their SIs.

MalaysiaSAFE: How was your business affected during the economic slowdown in the last 2 years?

BW: There were challenges due to outside cause but we had steady growth in Malaysia market. Likewise in the global market, with growing fear of terrorism, wars, and firearm incidents, people have become more aware of the importance of public safety and security. We recorded our biggest growth in North America and Europe especially. As global safety and security have never been more important, we expect to have continuous growth this year too.

MalaysiaSAFE: How was the company’s performance in 2017?

BW: As mentioned above, we have achieved steady growth in North America, Western Europe and Japan by building on the trust we have established in our distribution and technology partners across 2017. Also, our successful global launching of Wisenet X was another remarkable achievement in 2017. Its excellence is well recognized worldwide as we won global security awards as proof. We are very proud of our achievement because it is also a testament of our good product quality. Our dedication towards best quality will always be the first priority for our customers. Also, our P and Q series are very popular in the market, therefore we anticipate positive growth in market share in the following year.

MalaysiaSAFE: What do end-users need to know before upgrading to a higher resolution camera?

BW: First of all, users need to decide on what they want to monitor. Customers need to understand the purpose of having the surveillance system and needs to consider the infrastructure that can be utilized. They can either use existing infrastructure in the analogue systems or they can upgrade to a new IP based system. Also, to upgrade to an IP surveillance system, the most important factor is the back-end components. The higher the resolution, the more storage you will need to store the video data. So, for customers who are concerned about costs, they really need to know what they want to get the best out of their surveillance system.

MalaysiaSAFE: What is the current market trend in Malaysia?

BW: The current trend in Malaysia is focusing toward HD and fisheye cameras. IP cameras are being adopted in recent and newer projects. Market trends are clearly showing that IP camera systems are expanding, and the network-based system technologies are developing every day. In fact, the structure cabling for IP Systems would be cheaper than conventional analogue cameras in the long run.

MalaysiaSAFE: What is the value-add-on that you give to all your clients?

BW: Hanwha Techwin lives by five values which are Business ethics, excellent product range, best quality, affordability, and cyber security. By building strong partnerships, we sustain a win-win growth in the industry. Our well-classified product range runs from entry-level to the high-end market. Repetitive quality assurance tests ensure we deliver to our customers the best quality, high performance products at affordable prices. In addition, we have a strong commitment to combat cyber security threats. We have a sustained testing and monitoring program designed to identify evolving new threats to the integrity of our solutions, and we are able to move quickly to develop further advanced versions of our firmware to combat them. The cyber security issue has become a hot topic in recent times. By running an S-CERT team, Hanwha Techwin’s very own dedicated Security Emergency & Incident Response Team, we are committed to keeping you safe now and in the future.

MalaysiaSAFE: What is your opinion on KL City Hall’s call for mandatory installation of CCTVs at all business premises?

BW: In terms of public safety, I think this is a very good idea. If Kuala Lumpur aims to become a smart city of the future, then I think security and safety must be its initiator. The idea of creating a safer environment for citizens will certainly give impact and motivate a lot of interest for starting safe city projects.

MalaysiaSAFE: With so much focus on Video Analytics in the surveillance industry, what does Hanwha Techwin bring to the table?

BW: Heat mapping, people counting, object recognition, sound recognition, auto tracking and other video analytics are all available features of our SoC Wisenet 5 chipset. We try to provide Video Analytic technologies at the camera edge so that event management is easily monitored and controlled by the users. At the same time, we keep working on improving the accuracy to provide more sophisticated technology. On the other hand, we work closely with other companies who possess advance technologies in order to develop our Video Analytic technologies. We believe working in partnership brings positive effect in mutual growth and industry growth as well.

MalaysiaSAFE: In your view, what are the up-coming trends in the security business sector?

BW: I believe the up-coming trend would be integration of security with IoT to make smart homes and smart cities. Security, access control, and intrusion detection were all separate and specialized businesses before. But now, we are seeing many different businesses are integrating together with security equipment. Because security business is developing based on deep learning for future technologies, the integration with IoT technology including home appliances, internet equipments, communication services, online distribution and other business sectors will all be applied closely to our life in the near future.

MalaysiaSAFE: What new initiatives have you chartered for 2018?

BW: BW: We will be focusing more on solutions for each vertical market. We have made great efforts to plan and launch solution-specific products this year, and as an extension of such efforts, we will continue to determine and respond to the needs of customers in each vertical market. In addition to our well-recognized and competitive camera line-up, we aim to make our back-end storage device line-up as competitive as our camera line-up.

We will go beyond protecting the safety of our customers with outstanding products and solutions, and become a company that builds even more trust with our customers. In the industry’s ecosystem, customers are the most valuable asset.

Based on the five core values mentioned earlier, Hanwha Techwin will continue to provide the best customer support in 2018.