With over 13,000 employees all over the world and sales revenue of USD 1.93 billion in 2016, Dahua Technology is truly one of the world’s leading solution provider in video surveillance industry. MalaysiaSAFE had the opportunity of meeting with Simon Weng, Country Manager for Dahua Security Malaysia Sdn Bhd and we carry some excerpts of his interview below:

MalaysiaSAFE: Please tell us briefly about Dahua as a company in terms of annual revenue &global market share.

Simon Weng (SW): Dahua Technology is a leading solutions provider in the global video surveillance industry. We have around 13,000 employees all over the world. Our solutions, products and services are used in over 180 countries and regions. As of last June 2017, Dahua has established 37 subsidiaries covering Asia, the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Oceania and Africa.

According to the IHS report, Dahua is ranked 2nd in the global video surveillance equipment market since 2014, and last year we were ranked 3rd in the a&s International “Security 50” with an annual revenue of USD 1.93 Billion in 2016.

MalaysiaSAFE: Officially, when did the Dahua brand make its introduction to the Malaysian Market?

SW: By 2008, Dahua had already expanded its business to the overseas market, and Malaysia is one of the first stop during its journey. By working with OEM partners, Dahua started to promote its own brand in Malaysia about 4 years ago, focusing on its patented HDCVI and IP technology.

MalaysiaSAFE: How is the company structured in Malaysia?

SW: Since we first started serving Malaysian market, we have built a team comprising both local and Chinese personnel. With such a team, we aim to recognize the needs of our customers and users by talking to them to better understand the local business practice and cultural background. Dahua officially registered in Malaysia in early 2017 and had set up an office in Petaling Jaya mid last year. The office provides sales, marketing and technical support services to our customers throughout Malaysia.

MalaysiaSAFE: What are the company’s current range of products?

SW: As a technology driven company and a leading solutions provider for video surveillance, Dahua is proud to provide its full product line and solutions in Malaysia for multiple vertical industries. Our company provides solutions based on IP, HDCVI, switches, intercom, access control, alarm, LED and LCD monitors and also wall displays. In addition, Dahua develops project-based solutions for intelligent building, traffic management, car parking, banking, energy, and even smart cities.

MalaysiaSAFE: What are the exclusive technologies that Dahua bring to the market?

SW: Dahua is currently working with global partners to develop more applications of machine learning, artificial intelligence, IOT and other advanced technologies combined with video surveillance. We are keen to introduce Dahua’s face recognition and automatic number plate recognition technologies, cloud storage and one stop VMS platform to better serve Malaysian customers and users.

MalaysiaSAFE: What is your ‘go-to-market’ strategy?

SW: Dahua closely communicates with its customers and partners by holding new product launching seminars, exhibiting at well-known industrial exhibitions, and providing channel services such as off-line training, online enquiry and newsletters. We believe quality services bring good reputation, which in turn brings promising business development.

MalaysiaSAFE: What are your key verticals and could you name some big projects that Dahua was/is involved with in Malaysia?

SW: Dahua has partnerships in various industries ranging from manufacturing, property development, banking, transportation and smart city initiatives. We have had several milestone projects in Malaysia which includes a hydropower plant, a well-known publicly listed glove manufacturing company, mega shopping malls, supermarkets, furniture markets and racing projects. In the future, we also see a great potential to grow in car park management, smart retail and smart cities within Malaysia.

MalaysiaSAFE: How was the company’s performance in 2017?

SW: Dahua Malaysia achieved a commendable 50% growth in 2017 as more partners choose to work with us. Thus, we will continue to develop more advanced solutions to meet different kinds of requirements.

MalaysiaSAFE: What sets your brand apart from other industry players and how do you stay competitive?

SW: Dahua invests about 10% of its annual sales revenue in R&D every year since 2014. The company has 4 research institutes - Advanced Technology Institute, Big Data Institute, Chip Institute and Artificial Intelligence Institute. The company has also more than 6000 R&D engineers and technical staff working on cutting-edge technologies in AI, IoT, cloud services, video, cybersecurity, software reliability and other technologies. To date, Dahua has registered 800 patents.

MalaysiaSAFE: What value-add-ons do you provide to your clients?

SW: Dahua has set up a service centre in Petaling Jaya to provide after sale services. The service centre includes a 15-personnel support team capable of on-site troubleshooting and technical support.

MalaysiaSAFE: In your view, what is the current market trend in Malaysia?

SW: The security industry in Malaysia is developing rapidly. Malaysia is a popular tourist destination and therefore the country sees enhancing security and safety as a priority to protect the industry. Older buildings are being updated with analog systems in HD. Facial recognition in car parks are becoming more common. And more customers are integrating to IP systems year by year.

MalaysiaSAFE: What are the up-coming trends in the surveillance business sector that is growing and can be adopted/ useful here?

SW: As security solutions become smart or AI enabled, we would be looking at more use and applications beyond security such as big data analysis, business process optimization and personal care.

MalaysiaSAFE: How do you provide training to your distributors or dealers?

SW: Dahua releases new products regularly. So, making sure that new product information is properly and timely brought to its customers and partners is essential to the growth of Dahua’s overseas business.

Last year, Dahua delivered 6 sessions of trainings per month at our customers’ facilities and 4 roadshows held at major cities, serving nearly 1000 customers and partners. This year, Dahua will build its own demo centre which serves also as a training centre. We plan on having 9 roadshows which will cover Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Kuching and Petaling Jaya.

MalaysiaSAFE: What initiatives have you chartered for this year?

SW: The major trends in video surveillance market are higher resolution through 4K, better connection via IoT, AI and cloud computing. Thus in 2018, Dahua will focus on the development of applications for these advanced technologies. The company will also continue its expansion of global service coverage.

Additionally, Dahua will put together even more comprehensive media resources online and offline in the form of general press releases, feature articles, and reports to support our business in Malaysia.