Hands free parking access has never been so affordable

Parking access systems are now common for residential areas, especially for new housing developments. The question is there are many reader types on offer in the market and customers may find it difficult to choose for the best that suite their needs. For sure, everyone is looking for the most convenient and reasonably priced parking access solution.

Most long-range readers in the market are not able to achieve their claimed long-range distance if the vehicle is installed with premium quality solar film. A luxury car with premium solar film installed would still need to have the windows down to flash access card. This is very inconvenient and causes the driver to get wet during rainy days.

In addition, some long-range readers will wrongly read other cards that are within proximity. This can cause a lot of inconvenience and it gets worse if the system is set with anti-pass back.

AR500U solves these two problems using MAG’s active Dual Tech design.

AR500U can penetrate any window solar film to truly offer effective long-reading distance for parking access control. Users can enjoy the convenient of automatically opening the barrier gate, so that they can just pass through the entrance without needing to stop the car.

AR500U reads in absolute direction. Infrared rays are emitted in front of the AR500U at a 60° angle to define its reading zone. IR technology offers more accurate area coverage. Only tags within the reading zone will be read. This totally eliminates the chances of reading unwanted tags that are behind the reader, in adjacent car lane, or trailing cards in queue which causes anti-pass back error in the access controller.

Besides that, normal proximity cards like EM or MIFARE can easily be cloned. This is a serious loop-hole in the entire parking access system. MAG’s AR500U solves this problem. The AR500U’s mini tag (CCD100) does not use EM or MIFARE technology. Therefore, CCD100 tags cannot be cloned by EM or MIFARE card cloning machines, which are commonly available at key-maker shops.

The AR500U gives users all these convenience and operating costs are still lower if compared to similar European systems. MAG’s AR500U is the perfect long-range reader. This is the way everyone should enjoy the barrier gate automation – affordable, convenient and safe.

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