With today’s challenges for an effective surveillance solution, a fixed surveillance system can fall short in keeping families and communities safe. The current emergence of unpredictable threats within locations without fixed amenities like electricity and proper lighting calls for a surveillance system that is highly-mobile and can be swiftly deployed.

OT Systems has designed and built a state-of-the-art Rapid Deployment CCTV Trailer which is intelligent and user friendly. Available in 3 sizes which can be deployed for any urgent surveillance need, each cart is equipped with a customized surveillance system.

From the top of a 6-meter mast, PTZ cameras are installed to offer high quality 360- degree day & night surveillance and video analytics. Signals are transmitted remotely by a Wi-Fi or 4G router up to 50KM. A few CCTV trailers can be deployed simultaneously within various locations to create a modular surveillance system with a Rapid Deployment Command Centre.

Changing incident locations and the unavailability of power supply on location is not a problem as the CCTV trailer can operate on batteries, solar power or AC power; which ensures continuous operation 24/7.

The CCTV trailer comes equipped with emergency LED illuminator, real time voice communication, alarms, and automatic sensors for intrusion. The CCTV Trailer is rugged, weather-proofed and sturdy enough to remain in place for semi-permanent applications, providing stable surveillance for any critical environment.

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