MOST Brings Increased Insight and Visibility to Your Global Supply Chain So You Can Protect Your Assets and Make Your Business Thrive

Monitoring the variables that impact businesses is vital to maintaining control and ensuring future success. However, not all monitoring systems are created equal. Traditional milestone-based monitoring solutions such as data loggers often require costly installations and leave its users vulnerable to data blind spots in between checkpoints. But real-time monitoring connects all the dots—with continuous data streaming that provides greater visibility every step of the way.
Mega Fortris Group, a leading provider of quality security products and solutions for transportation and global supply chain, introduces the MOST real-time monitoring system enabled by IoT technologies. MOST allows its users to have access to vital real-time information, through sensor-collected data that is streamed continuously with zero latency. Having the MOST real-time monitoring system in place is hugely beneficial for users as it can keep important cargos in check – reducing risk of damage and improving efficiency.
With a simple out of the box one-button activation, the MOST device is ready to provide sophisticated tracking of cargos. It is equipped with 4 digital sensors that are pre-calibrated and laboratory tested, which provides real-time updates of external influences such as temperature, light, humidity and shock. Sensor data is continuously uploaded to the internet, so that cargo and logistic operators could monitor and access the information from a web- based control panel.
The MOST real-time monitoring system is based on a user-friendly mobile interface. No software or hardware are required for installation as users can simply log-in into the web-based control panel. Its web-based interface allows for around the clock access and protection against loss of data. In addition, the interface can send an event notification to an operator’s mobile device on quad band GSM network connection, whenever an alarm is triggered. It can also generate tailored reports and the information can be shared with other specified recipients.
Setting up the MOST tracking device is easy - it can be up and running within minutes. The sleek and robust tracker attaches to container doors or boxes of important cargos with a double-sided tape which is found on the back side of the device. It is reusable and has a 100-day/ 3 months rechargeable lithium-ion battery life. It is IP54 splash proof rated, and functions in -20°C to 55°C environments. The device’s programmable humidity and temperature sensors are certified by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).
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