The Malaysian Public Works Department, abbreviated JKR, is the federal government department in Malaysia under Ministry of Works Malaysia which is responsible for construction and maintenance of public infrastructure in West Malaysia & Labuan.JKR required an upgrade to a full network based Public Address System that could provide high quality sound for announcements and emergency broadcast. Previously, only the main building block could receive voice notifications from its old PA system.

TOA’s high end IP based SX-2000 series system was chosen for the upgrade because it met all the criteria of a reliable system and follows the necessary specifications set by JKR. Upgrading work is always more tedious and lengthy compared to new installations because special attention is required towards the cabling and the overall system functionality before and after upgrades.

With the help of TOA’s project team in consulting and coordinating the necessary work details, solution integrator VIVO Dynamics Sdn Bhd and main contractor Jitu Teras Bina successfully completed the commissioning and handover of the project to JKR. This included the installation of new fiber optic cables and high-end network switches.

Since the upgrade, all tenants of the JKR building can receive clear announcements from the main block without lagging and buffering as the system is capable of projecting sound up to 600m.

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